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What takes up the most vital energy of any other function is the DMN, especially when you are thinking about yourself. Whenever you are thinking about your past, your future,  what others think of you, what you said or should have said, how to improve yourself; in other words, all the “stories” running around in your brain. Researchers call this the “Narrative self”.

How the DMN creates the narrative self:

  • The DMN builds on the concept of a body-encapsulated self, as a separate entity.
  • The DMN builds the autobiography – the story of a “self”  from selected memories and experiences.
  • The greater the amount of thinking about the self, the less the individual is ABLE to experience the world or even their own body.

This ultimately ends in increased stress, depression & other unhealthy psychological states.

What to do?

Remember, it is the Default Mode Network – where your brain goes, where it defaults to, whenever it is not fully occupied by something else. Hence the middle of the night “me stories” that take over your sleep time.

The only thing you can do is catch it when it happens and focus on the “Experiential Self.”

The Experiential Self is the self that arises directly from our fundamental sense of being:


  • Direct experience without needing to think or analyze your experience: no need for cognitive elaboration.
  • Fully experiencing without cognitive elaboration, the sense of a separate self disappears, and only experiencing remains.

The most effective type of therapeutic practice in all cases of psychological maintaining causes is MICH’s Noumedynamic Method™ which encourages exploration of the sensation level. Our Ego Alchemists use this method to help clients loosen the grip of the Narrative Self and allow the Experiential Self to arise.

The most effective type of meditation practice is the type of meditation process we are offering right now for FREE.  This is your opportunity to experience greater inner peace, and increased vital energy.

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The more we direct our mind towards the experiential self, the more life energy is made available for healing. 

In directing our awareness towards the experiential self, and going deeper into pure experience, we approach the dissolution of the illusion of self, and embrace our fundamental sense of “BEING” in the subjective sense, losing our identification with the “doing” object we call the self.

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Judyann McNamara

Judyann McNamara


Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975.

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